Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Day I Had Surgery

Mommy dropped me off at the vet really early this morning. She looked really worried about me so I got scared. When she left, I cried and cried until the nurses asked Mommy to bring me my blankie and monkey toy. That's all I remember of this morning. Before mommy came back to bring my stuff, the nurses gave me a shot that made me really sleepy. The next thing I knew I was waking up in a big crate with my snuggle blanket. I was hurting between my legs, but the doctor said I did really good on the operating table. Mommy chose the laser neutering surgery because it would hurt me less even though it will cost her an arm and a leg!

Sadly, this means I can't go to the puppy park for a while. That makes me really sad since I LOVE the puppy park. It's at the place mom and dad adopted me from. We have been a couple times now, and I keep meeting new friends.

Luckily for me though, mommy and daddy bought me a whole bunch of new toys recently. That means I don't need the park! I can stay home a squeak to my heart's content on my new giant plush snake, soft piggy named Bacon and the great big new rope bone that tastes like mint. I am really spoiled.

Mommy doesn't get to pick me up until tomorrow afternoon. I hope she misses me as much as I miss her! (believe me, I think she does!)

Anywho, mommy had more pictures to share so here you go!
Worn out after chasing daddy around the park The real reason Uncle Bucket likes the park - he can see airplanes up close! My ball Dad, you can't have it! :D Saying hello to a new friend in the other park Playing with my friend the basset hound!

Bacon, the soft squeaky pig

Playing with my new giant plush snake toy

Cooling off at the park

Daddy gave me water and splashed some on me to make me cooler

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More pictures!

After my 2nd day at the puppy spa.

Oh Mai GOSH! I founds a GIGANTIC STICK to play with! OM NOM NOM NOM!

Curled up with daddy's blanket and my new Harvey

Yeah, I am kind of a stud...

Squeakin' my new giraffe guy...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More pictures!

I fell asleep on my Kong toy

Om Nom Nom Nom food!

In my cousin Medleigh's back yard


After my 2nd bath... just before I rolled in the dirt!

I didn't feel good today :(

SO tired after spending the day with my cousin Medleigh

Looking all cute on our walk

I dream of being a kangaroo when I sleep...


Mommy is horribly busy keeping me worn out, walked, and fed and hasn't been able to keep this updated for me so she will give you just the basics:

- I started puppy Kindergarten at Petsmart 2 Saturday's ago. I am in a class with King (Mini Yorkie) and Dakota (Golden doodle). We have a lot of fun and I am totally the star of the class. I am ahead of everyone in my learning of tricks. I can sit, lay down, and roll over on command now! I am even walking right beside mommy and daddy like a good boy. Mommy hopes I know shake with both hands by next week!

- I finally got my rabies shot. It didn't feel so good but mommy and daddy took good care of me until I felt better. Now I have to get my surgery in a couple of weeks... the one that makes daddy grimace! They said I will have to wear a funny looking collar until my stitches are gone too... Mommy thinks that is going to be hilarious!

- I ran into my shelter buddy Nelson the other day. The man who came for me after mommy did adopted him for his wife. He said his new name is Tex, but deep down, he will always be Nelson to me!

- I went to the new Irving Dog park last night! There were a lot of dogs there. Technically I am too young to go according to the sign, but I did pretty well! I played and played and played. One of my new friends got into a fight with another dog though and got hurt. Mommy and Daddy decided things were getting too rough and I had to say goodbye. I did make friends with this really short basset hound though. He was fun to wrestle with. Mommy took our picture so she will have to add it to this soon!

- I went in for my first two professional bath times the last couple weeks! The ladies there said I did really good for a little guy. I didn't like the water or dryer at all, but I didn't bite or growl. They let me choose my own bandanna each time too! My first one was black with skulls. Mommy said I looked hardcore! The second one I got was a dalmatian print. Mommy said I was the cutest puppy ever in it! Both times I rolled in the dirt as soon as I got home though. Mommy thought that was silly.

- Harvey the Giraffe has given Mommy a major headache. I love Harvey so much that he is slowly getting to be too weak to play with me. Mommy worried that she couldn't find me another Harvey since he is only sold at 1 store. She went to 7 different Walgreen's looking for him and FINALLY after a month of searching, she found 2 new Harveys. I was so confused by the number of Harvey's on the floor that I didn't know how to react!

My newest pictures - I have grown so much!

Me and Uncle Bucket playing on my favorite hill

Me looking all regal on my favorite hill.

In bed with my newspaper squeaky toy.

Out on a walk in the complex.

Looking all spiffy after my very first bath!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy's First Day Alone With Me - 4/26/2010

Today is my first day with mommy while she works from home. I know she is super busy, but I don't want her to forget about me. To make me feel better, she brought my crate into where she was so I could watch her. I felt much better after that.

After a long naptime while mommy got ready, I got to go on my first open car ride. We only went a mile so mommy didn't bother with my crate. She let me sit in the seat next to her as long as I was a good boy. I didn't know where we were going but it was really fun. There was a BIG dog in the truck next to us, but mommy said it was okay to look out the window to say hi!

We finally stopped after a long 2 minute drive. We were at the animal clinic office that Daddy's sister takes their kitty to. The doctors didn't have time for me today, but did give me something to make sure these little bugs stop making me itch. Mommy calls them fleas. I call them little nibbling jerks! :( When Daddy gets home, we will put the medicine on. Until then though, mommy has worn me out. I am ready for a naptime so off to my crate I go to sleep!

My First Quiet Day Home - 04/25/2010

I think I wear Mommy and Daddy out. They seem to be sleepy and getting upset with me when I nip at them. On the bright side, they are VERY proud that I have learned to sit in just 2 days. When Daddy tells me to sit, he gives me a treat if I do it right. Sometimes its a biscuit. Sometimes it's even better... its a biscuit flavored like cheese and bacon. I LOVE those treats... I even used my Beagle nose to figure out where Mommy and Daddy hide them. Mommy says I am too smart for my own good.

I got to go on a long walk with Mommy. She let me lead a little bit, so I walked straight over to Aunt Gwen and cousin Rena's apartment. Rena is a kitty cat that I am really excited to meet one day. Aunt Gwen told mommy we should have play dates so we can be best friends.

I was sad when I found out Aunt Gwen wasn't home. So instead of saying hello, I played in the grass by her door. I found a really fun leaf and made mommy laugh at how silly I was. Mommy took my picture with the leaf to send to everyone. She said I looked too cute!

Then mommy and daddy put me to bed in my crate and went off in search of new stuff for me. When they came home, mommy got mad at me for trying to eat her shoes. She sprayed something on them that made them taste really yucky. I didn't like it and hopefully won't bite them again!

Mommy did bring me a surprise though! She and daddy got my name printed on a bright blue tag. They put their phone numbers on it so if I get lost, the nice person who finds me can send me home. I am still getting used to it though. It tickles a little bit, so I try and bite it to show it who is boss!

Today's the Day - 4/23/2010

Mommy and Uncle Bucket have come to see me almost every day since their first visit. In fact, a lot of people have come to play with me. I think all of them want to take me home!

Today is my adoption day. The nurse won't let anyone in until 11:00 am, but I bet a lot of people are going to be ready for me to come out to play! Mommy and Daddy got to the shelter reaaaally early and sat on the cold concrete waiting for the nurse to open up.... a whole 3 hours! Mommy met a really nice man who showed up a little after she did. He was there for me too, but Mommy was first. The man said his wife really wanted to take me home and would give Mommy & Daddy $400 to let them have me. Mommy said No Way, Jose! I am just too cute to let get, Daddy being up so early was worth a whole lot more than that! I couldn't believe he did it just for me!

It was 10:00 am and time to go outside for the first time today. As we walked to the back door with the nurses, I saw Mommy out front and had to run over to say hi. She blew me kisses through the window to say hello. The nurse said I needed to go potty and play before I could take my bath and go see mom. So off I went... Me, Nelson, and Katy. Katy is a big puppy... three times my size, but I can hold my own!

Tick tock tick tock, mommy looked really anxious to come get me. Finally, 11am! Mommy came right up to my cage and asked the man for a leash. Yay! It's time to go home. Mommy introduced me to Daddy for the first time. He picked me up and gave me a hug, so I gave him a big wet kiss right on the nose in return. He carried me up front to where mommy was already talking to the nurse. They filled out all the paperwork while I laid in Daddy's arms. I looked around and saw mommy's friend with Nelson. Yay! He got a new home too! Maybe we can have puppy play dates one day. There was another lady who came to see me during the week there too. She looked very sad that Mommy beat her to me. I think she found another puppy friend though. He was a very tiny Pit bull/terrier mix baby. I always thought he was cute too! Hopefully she takes him home next week!

Mommy and Daddy thanked the nurse and said goodbye to Nelson. We went outside and they told me my new name. The people at the shelter always called my Clyde, but I knew I was more regal than that. Mommy and Daddy said my new name was Dominar Rygel XVII. They said I was named after a king who ruled over 500 billion subjects. They said he liked to eat, sleep, toot, and be waited on... Yeah, that sounds a lot like me!

Daddy drove to Mommy's work while I cuddled with Mommy. When we got there, Mommy went inside to handle some business. I was outside with Daddy for longer than I should've been but I got to meet a lot of new friends of Mommy's...even Aunt Misty! She and Mrs. Ingra were very sweet to me. I liked them loving on me.

After Mommy was done, we went to Petsmart as a family because I needed Om Noms! Om noms are what mommy calls my food. It's silly but she seems to like it. Mommy and Daddy bought me a new crate, food, treats and even my new collar! It's blue and matches my new leash!

Then it was time to come home for a bit. You would think I would be pooped from all the action. NOPE! I was HOME! I got excited and wanted to play and play. Mommy showed me my new toys. I liked the rope one the best. I also found the toy to make mommy and daddy go crazy. Mommy bought me a squeaker newspaper... she regrets it but I love it!

I finally got tired enough that mommy and daddy could put me in my crate to go meet Grandma and help her with the garage sale. I slept all the way from Irving to Grand Prairie in mommy's car. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me.

Grandma immediately gave me awesome lovins' with her long fingernails. They felt really good on my tummy. Everyone ate Whataburger while I sat like a good boy watching and eating my food. They said that was very good of me not to beg, but it was so hard! It smelled so good!

After a walk with Grandma and going to meet her neighbors, mommy put me to bed in my crate. Then the BIG boom came. Mommy said it was just thunder but I was scared. I asked her to sit with me until I could fall back asleep. Mommy was very nice and stayed near me all night to make sure I was okay. I love when Mommy makes me feel better!

After a long night of being scared of the big booms, mommy got me up and took me outside to the garage sale. I met a bunch of new friends who all said I was adorable. As if I didn't hear that enough from mommy and daddy! After a while I fell asleep in mommy's arm, but something caught my eye. The tree in Grandma's yard was frowning at mommy. I growled at it but it never stopped. Mean ol' tree!

I also met some new puppy friends. Rylie, Grandma's neighbor's Bichon came over and said hello. He was older and bigger, but I wasn't scared. I tried to play, but he didn't look to excited. Mommy took me for a nice jog instead so I would be tired for my ride home. I slept the whole way and ended my day playing with mommy and daddy in our apartment.